Included amongst the yards which would consider us their "in-house designers" are Morris Yachts, Lyman Morse Boatbuilding, Damian McLaughlin, Legendary Yachts, Boston Boatworks, New England Boatworks, Avalon House, French & Webb, York Marine, West Bay Boats, and Classic Boat Shop in the United States, Kanter Yachts, Bruckmann Yachts and NorseBoat in Canada, Rustler/Bowman in the U.K., Diverse NZ Ltd., Austral Yachts, and Kelly Archer Boatbuilders Ltd. in New Zealand, and Cabo Rico Yachts in Costa Rica. We deal only with the world's highest quality builders in order to insure that your new yacht will emerge as a true masterpiece.


Over the years, we've assembled what we think is a remarkably talented crew. Find out more about them by clicking here.


It is our objective that every yacht launched under the Paine banner should have the potential to become a masterpiece. Thus we limit our efforts to complete designs only, and do not entertain partial designs, stock plans, or any other attempts to restrain costs which might engender a result that you, our valued customer, might find wanting.

We typically design five to six yachts per year. Our studio is located in rural Maine, which significantly reduces our cost of doing business. Thus we are able to provide far more detailed plans and specifications, at a more reasonable fee, than any urban based design firm. Our personnel have chosen to live here for the unspoiled environment, absence of crime, and appreciation of the work ethic that is the fabric of life in Maine.

Quite often, our generous patrons will encourage our sale of sistership rights so that their design might bring joy to others. Where this is the case it is so noted on our design pages, and the resultant design fees are approximately one fourth those of a full design.

Our designs are drawn using a mixture of manual and CADD drafting methods. Each has its advantages, and we do not slavishly restrict ourselves to one or the other but use the method that is most appropriate for the particular drawing. We have on our staff experts in AutoCad, Microstation, Visual Cadd, Generic Cadd, and more rare amongst today's available labor pool, meticulous hand drafting.

Every Paine design is carefully researched, accurately engineered and defined in both drawings and a full typewritten specification running to fifty to one hundred pages or more. The concentration of weights as low as possible and in the correct longitudinal position to insure proper trim is assured by the tedious but necessary compilation of a full weight study on EXCEL, usually occupying between thirty and fifty pages of data entry. No Paine design is available without this expenditure of effort, but this is why the sailboats universally stand up staunchly to their sail, and the powerboats climb up effortlessly onto plane.

We do not undertake yacht brokerage, as do many in our field. We are fascinated by the process of creating strong, clean, environmentally friendly, problem free, new yachts. We are not salesmen. Those who become our customers have made the decision to buy a new yacht - we do not sell it to them. We recognize that you can buy a used yacht decidedly cheaper, but also that you get precisely what you pay for.

We continue to respect our customers and their continued efforts to perfect their yachts, after our design work is completed. Our former clients are our friends, and we invite you to become one.


The vast majority of our designs have become regarded as the very best available of their particular types, and some have been termed masterpieces. Our studio has won the coveted Boat of the Year award in America more often than any other firm. This is a result of Chuck Paine's finely honed initial instincts, combined with tedious attention to detail by a staff of the world's most highly skilled designers and engineers. By far the single highest cost of yacht ownership is depreciation, and the knowledgeable yachtsman will recognize that designs with the Paine pedigree command the highest proportion of their building cost upon resale of any design name in the world. The entire cost of a design from our studio will be recovered in full - indeed a multiple thereof - should the owner of a Paine design choose to part with it within his own lifetime.