The Latest Yacht Designs from Chuck Paine

Time marches on, but the sea never changes. Classic designs from the hand of a master will always be pleasing to the eye, conform to the lumpy face of the sea with grace and swiftness, and retain the highest proportion of their original value. Chuck has spent the past three years improving the very finest of his many classic designs, and adding one or two new ones. Presented here are his very best- designs that are so appealing that they promise to enhance their owners’ lives for generations. Computer-generated lines eliminate the need for hand lofting, and the older classics have had their keels, rudders and rigs brought up to the latest technology.


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The PAINE 15

The PAINE 15, like the similar and much loved Paine 14, is a slightly scaled-down adaptation of the venerable and much-loved Herreshoff 12 ½ with a fin keel and separate rudder for significantly more lively performance. She is available in beautifully detailed hand-built


I have put together a number of fascinating illustrated talks, which I present at yacht clubs and boat shows. Quite a few people wonder, “How did a kid from the wrong side of the tracks whose parents didn’t know what


Where are these new designs coming from? Many of the readers of this page will be aware that I retired from full-time yacht design in 2008. By that time C.W. Paine Yacht Design, Inc. had grown to be a large

The Paine 25

HERRESHOFF 12½ DERIVATIVE PAINE 25 DIMENSIONS LOA : 25’ 6” LWL: 20’ 3” BEAM: 8′ 1” DRAFT: 3’ 6” DISPLACEMENT: 5525 lb BALLAST (LEAD): 2470 lb SAIL AREA: 211 sq ft D/L RATIO: 297 This 25- footer is our most traditional Herreshoff-inspired design to date,

A Chuck Paine perfected Herreshoff Alerion

                                  I was hired in 2015 to make improvements to Nat Herreshoff’s Alerion, and to develop computer faired lines and loftings. Like many other


INTRODUCING CHUCK PAINE’S INVENTION- THE PAINE DVT! The PAINE DVT at work. The PAINE DVT (stands for Dang Vang Thangs) are a series of fiberglass or carbon fiber battens extending all the way from the leech to the luff of


HERRESHOFF 12½ DERIVATIVE YORK 18 DIMENSIONS LOA : 18’ 1” LWL: 14’ 7” BEAM: 6′ 3” DRAFT: 2’ 9” DISPLACEMENT: 1535 lb BALLAST (LEAD): 695 lb SAIL AREA: 150 sq ft D/L RATIO: 233 The YORK 18 is the newest in our growing series of

Lots More about the PAINE 14

I intend with this beautiful gemstone to rewrite the history of the search for pleasure under sail. I’ll start with a few theses on yacht ownership, specifically PAINE 14 yacht ownership. Read more below.

The PAINE 16- What would Nat have done today?

The PAINE 16 is my proposed answer to the question, “What would Nathaniel Herreshoff have done if he’d designed the Herreshoff 12 ½ today?

The Paine 14 – A Herreshoff – inspired daysailor

The PAINE 14 is a scaled-down adaptation of the venerable and much-loved Herreshoff 12 ½ with a fin keel for more modern performance. She is available in beautifully hand-built WEST epoxy cold-molded wood, or equally beautifully detailed molded fiberglass. At approximately half the weight of the original 12 ½ and a little shorter in length, she preserves some of the “big boat” feel of her predecessor thanks to a lead ballast keel that accounts for nearly half her entire weight, but is optimized for easy trailering, maintenance, launch and retrieval, and home-stowage in your garage.

24′ Double-ended voyager CAROL

CAROL is in many ways my favorite pocket cruiser, a scaled down and “flattened” FRANCES. She evokes an adventurous spirit that prevailed in the happy times of the late ‘70s when I designed her. At 24 feet she’s as small as a prudent sailor would ever think of taking to sea. CAROL is the ultimate in making do with less. Her hull is stable and easily driven, and her rig is simple and powerful.

ANNIE 2 – A 30′ Offshore Voyager

ANNIE 2 is a revised version of Chuck’s beloved 30-footer, built for many years by Morris Yachts. She is both stable and forgiving to sail, with an extraordinary comfortable motion at sea. Yet thanks to a large sailplan she is very fast- it is the proportion of sail area to displacement and wetted surface that equates to speed, and ANNIE 2 sports plenty of motive force. ANNIE 2 eschews excess. She’s the epitome of “just enough.” Just enough headroom (if you’re less than six feet tall), just enough displacement to be reasonably comfortable in a storm at sea, just enough keel area to claw off a lee shore under short sail, just enough length to cover 150 miles in a 24-hour day, just pushed down enough in the water to put your eyes precisely at the height of the portholes, just large enough an interior for two couples to share the voyage with a bit of privacy.

36′ Offshore Voyager EXPANNIE

A few years ago I began designing my own retirement cruiser, one that never got built because the press of a growing business precluded any thoughts of retirement. It was an expanded ANNIE, which I naturally named “EXPANNIE”. I was ready for a larger boat than 30 feet and so the question then became, by how much to scale her up and what, if anything, to change.

26’ Frances & Frances II Double-enders

The FRANCES is one of recent history’s most famous cruising designs. Over 200 of the small yachts are now sailing, and they are well loved wherever they voyage. I decided to design this small but capable cruising boat in 1974. My boat was flush-decked, and I cruised it from Maine to Rhode Island. A more ambitious one is on its second circumnavigation!