Day Sailors

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Not everyone has the time to sail away for a weekend or a two weeks’ vacation. For you, those precious few daylight hours can be blissful if your little vessel is breathtakingly beautiful, light on the helm, and fast.  Shown here are a few examples of our answer to that call.  Our next little masterpiece will be more lovely still, and even more importantly, yours!

Day Sailors



Paine designed sailing designs range from small high-performance day boats to huge sailing palaces. Briefly they are:


Investment grade designs of magnificent proportions for the highly committed yachtsman.

Performance Cruisers

Yachts with full accommodations capable of extensive worldwide cruising.

Racing Yachts

Light but durable speedsters competitive in point to point racing.

Bermuda Series

Paine’s famous series of light-displacement, long-waterline, ocean-voyaging yachts.

Spirit of Tradition Class

A class of racing yachts for racers who value beauty as well as competition.

Highly Specialized Custom Projects

Intriguing designs that didn’t fit the other categories.

Authentic Replicas

A specialty of the Paine office, styled after the work of designers gone before.

Legacy Yachts

Some of the fine older designs that made the office famous.

Special Editions

Each of these is available for someone to carry forward to completion.