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The future

Chuck himself is devoting his time to his book, which will be introduced in the late Spring. He has also retained ownership of four of his best "adventure voyager" sailboat designs which his new company LLC will be promoting and selling. Chuck believes that the field of sailing has gone full circle. In the not-too-distant future, the working class will once again be able not only to set aside an excess which can be devoted, in a few rare cases, to building a small sailboat in which to see the world. In the final years of his old company, Chuck invested in the design of four of the finest small sailboats that the common man could ever aspire to owning.

The REDWING 10 ½

Chuck Paine's Redwing

Redwing sailing

The PAINE 26

Paine 26 sailboat

Paine 26

The ANNIE 30

Chuck Paine's Annie



Chuck Paine Expannie