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Chief designer Mark Fitzgerald is expert in the field of powered craft. He served his apprenticeship with the late Jack Hargrave of West Palm Beach, where he participated in the design of scores of yachts from small sportfishermen to opulent motoryachts the size of small ships. His motoryacht hulls exhibit low resistance and address roll resistance through the mechanism of anti-roll chines and strakes.

Long-Range Motor Yachts

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Paine-designed motorboats range from small high-performance launches to multi-deck, long-range exploration yachts. Briefly they are:

Express Cruisers

High speed single decked yachts between 30 and 50 ft. in length.

Jet Boats

Light, fast, shoal draft, flotsam proof skimmers.

Sport Boats

Intriguing designs that didn’t fit the other categories.


A unique, exceptionally high efficiency answer to ocean cruising with minimal fuel.

Special Editions

Each of these is available for someone to carry forward to completion.