Steadysailor   Steadysailor rendering

An exciting new area of design is the "Paine Steadysailor", a sail-assisted, light-displacement motoryacht capable of economical ocean crossings under power with sail assist, and also capable of self rescue under sail in the event of power loss. These long range cruisers, based upon Beebe's "Type B" configuration, are now recognized as a unique contribution to the concept of ocean voyaging.


Paine-designed motorboats range from small high-performance launches to multi-deck, long-range exploration yachts. Briefly they are:

Long Range Motor Yachts

Full accommodation yachts with ocean crossing range.

Express Cruisers

High speed single decked yachts between 30 and 50 ft. in length.

Jet Boats

Light, fast, shoal draft, flotsam proof skimmers.

Sport Boats

Intriguing designs that didn’t fit the other categories.


A unique, exceptionally high efficiency answer to ocean cruising with minimal fuel.

Special Editions

Each of these is available for someone to carry forward to completion.