The Latest Yacht Designs from Chuck Paine

Time marches on, but the sea never changes. Classic designs from the hand of a master will always be pleasing to the eye, conform to the lumpy face of the sea with grace and swiftness, and retain the highest proportion of their original value. Chuck has spent the past three years improving the very finest of his many classic designs, and adding one or two new ones. Presented here are his very best- designs that are so appealing that they promise to enhance their owners’ lives for generations. Computer-generated lines eliminate the need for hand lofting, and the older classics have had their keels, rudders and rigs brought up to the latest technology.

The Paine 26

The Paine 26 is a sailing yacht for our times. She is intended as a reliable pleasure producing device for the post petroleum age- at least if you live near the water. She can be raced, cruised, lived aboard for a summer if that is your idea of fun, and enjoyed without fear of obsolescence – all without burning a drop of irreplaceable fossil fuels.