My New Book: The Boats I’ve Loved!

chuckbookad.july5You’ll love my newest book! Available either as a print book, mailed to you, or a digital download.

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No powerboats, no million-dollar showoff yachts, just my selection of the twenty best of my sailboat designs, plus three by other great designers, some of which YOU could actually afford to own.

Everybody knows and loves FRANCES, ANNIE, LEIGH, CAROL, and so many of the wholesome designs I did later on in my career like PENTIMENTO, JUSTINE and BELLA LUNA.  And my popular British boats like the VICTORIA 26, 30 and 34, and the BOWMAN 40. And many of these yachts are now for sale on the brokerage market for prices common folks can afford. I’ve added a few brand new designs you have never seen, but only small ones that you might want to build in a year or so. And lots of great advice on what to look for in a twenty- or more- years old boat. I’ve even been brutally candid about any flaws in my designs that have emerged with the passage of time.

This lavishly illustrated 106-page book is available now. If a printed book is not needed and you want to read it yourself, for a price of $9.95 you can be reading this wonderful new book RIGHT NOW!  Click below for either version- you won’t be disappointed.

  • The twenty very best sailboat designs ever created from a world-famous yacht design office.
  • Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of dazzling full color photographs of some of the most beautiful yachts ever designed.
  • 106 pages.
  • Sailboat designs only- no stinkpots, no megayachts.
  • Packed with insight into what’s good and candidly what’s bad about every design.
  • Includes fascinating new designs you have never seen before.
  • View a preview spread here


  • Presented in pdf format so it reads just like a printed book, with both left and right pages visible. You do not need a proprietary device (Kindle, Nook) to read it- just the computer you’re using right now.
  • Because of this format, you can print any part or the whole book on your own printer.
  • You can zoom in and out to make the page easily readable.
  • My first digital book, MY YACHT DESIGNS and the lessons they taught me, was an incredible bargain at $19.95. This one is an even better bargain, at $9.95. And no charge for shipping!
  • Instant gratification- the download takes less than a minute. 

Twenty Classic Sailboat Designs

By Chuck Paine
PDF download edition: $9.95

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December 2016: Print Edition Now Shipping!



  • Highest quality softcover edition.
  • Large format- 11.75″ x 9″ trim size.
  • Color photos on nearly every page.
  • Web offset printed, Smythe sewn plus glued binding- not merely Print On Demand like so many cheap books nowadays. A quality book!
  • My first printed book, MY YACHT DESIGNS and the lessons they taught me, was an incredible bargain at $59.95 plus the cost of shipping. This one is an even better bargain, at $23.50 including free domestic packaging and shipping! ($16.95 airmailed abroad).
  • The best gift you could ever give a friend or relative who loves sailing.
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Twenty Classic Sailboat Designs

By Chuck Paine
PRINT edition: $23.50 including shipping ($16.95 Outside U.S.)

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Chuck Paine


Thanks so much for espousing a ‘just enough’ life philosophy in design and action- it’s a much needed catalyst to fight the ever present ‘more and bigger stuff is better” approach that is pervasive today.   Fair Winds & Following Seas, CL

I got the book. Thanks. Love your designs, love your attitude expressed in your conclusion.  CB

Got it!  Beautiful book. Beautiful boats! GB

I downloaded your new eBook and found it well worth the money even though it does argue against me buying the boat I was considering. I refer to the caveats about trying to “save” on an older boat and being bitten on the ass in the long run. DG

Thanks for the great work, as always. Happy to see the updated designs and that you haven’t been able to stay still for very long. JN

Thanks Chuck. Terrific stuff. JW

I read it last night. Very interesting! MA

I loved your book! ND

Beautifully done. . – Love the stories w/each boat. This book earns a special place in my boat (sic) collection. JM

Your new book just arrived!  The photographs are terrific and it’s great to see your early pictures. CW

It is great that you have documented your work in this formal way.  Hopefully boat owners and designers of the future will benefit from it. MF

Just finished your e-book, The Boats I’ve Loved. Wonderful to read and study. Thanks for writing it! DE

This book is the best. It is beautifully done and you can be deservedly proud of the finished product. PC

It’s lovely, to say nothing of what’s pictured. Congratulations on another classic. LD

Loved the book, your designs and your philosophy that shines through the pages. KM