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Sharpies everywhere! Here’s HogtrougH.

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

She's chunky, but all you need in Bokeelia, Florida.

HogtrougH is short and sweet. She’s of molded fiberglass and the tooling is exquisite. Howcum we’ve never heard of boats like this up in Maine?

A Phil Bolger Masterpiece

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

The owner was painting Mayaca when I visited Pine Island, Florida.

Mayaca is  much bigger than Egret.  It was impossible to get far enough away from her to get a good photo.  She has about 4 1/2 foot headroom and an interior that is divided in half by the centerboard trunk. I’d fix that by eliminating the centerboard and fitting my unique bilge boards.  They’re not solid, and by eliminating half their wetted surface and alternating fat foil blades with empty spaces, their lift coefficient more than makes up for their halved area. At their bottom there are massive stainless steel grounding bars.  At Mayaca’s size I figure I could get her to sail really well- better than with a centerboard- at about two feet of draft. Naturally she’d have the same rudder I mentioned previously.

Florida Means Sharpies!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Egret is a REAL sharpie.

Here’s Egret.  She’s a real sharpie of the Commodore Monroe type.  Hard to imagine a little yacht that looks more the part for her element.  (her element being really shallow water). Of course if I designed one while she’d look almost exactly like this she’d have little, invisible improvments.  One would be my “Paine turning fork rudder”. It looks just like a tuning fork and by introducing one consonant I came up with a name for it. It is half the depth of a conventional rudder but, being twins, just as effective.

Makin’ it better

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

New Paine 26 Sailplan

I got to thinking, maybe  the idea of having no permanent backstay was not such a good one after all. I always worried when the owners of the prototype, who were relatively inexperienced, went sailing on windy days. I raised the height of the rig to compensate for the little bit of lost sail area. If I ever build this one, all this agonizing will make her the best sailboat built this century. But let me know- maybe you don’t think so???