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Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

If your friends, crew or spouse love boating, you could give them the best holiday gift ever. Chuck’s book on yacht design is the most informative, most lavishly illustrated, most appreciated gift you could give anyone who loves yachts. Don’t miss out—there are only 128 copies left in print so you will not have this opportunity next year! If you buy it on Amazon by clicking here,

the shipping costs are slightly lower. If you buy it on this website Chuck Paine will happily endorse the book for the recipient. You can be a hero, but act now… they’ll be sold out by Christmas!


Saturday, October 1st, 2011


Here’s Harriet Rose. The first time I ever got to sail a CAROL, something like thirty years after I first designed her. Everyone had told me that she sailed great, and my first impression was, they were right. We didn’t have much wind, though, and we had the engine ticking over to show a little wake, so I’ll just have to find my way to Chichester, England again next year to try her out in a bit more breeze. The interior is tiny but it really does work, albeit with the seat cushions closer to the floor that they would be on a larger boat. Once the depression gets going you could do worse in your unemployment than buy a set of plans for this wonderful minimalist cruiser and say to hell with it all, build a CAROL for yourself, and spend your time cruising.