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Saturday, April 8th, 2017













Here’s AMELIA sitting on her mooring in Port Clyde last summer. Soon enough she’ll be waiting for me there again- unless someone buys her first (she is for sale).


Thursday, April 6th, 2017

I have given two recent presentations to yacht clubs.

On March 19 I spoke at the Conanicut yacht Club in Jamestown, Rhode Island. Jamestown is the island on which I grew up, and first became fascinated with yachts.

Then on March 29 I spoke at the Royal Fowey Yacht Club in Cornwall, U.K.  I first travelled abroad in the summer of 1065 as a keen collegiate dinghy sailor. The first person I met was a former Exeter College, Oxford, sailor named Brian Appleton. We became friends and that friendship has lasted fifty years. So when he asked me to speak at his yacht club in Cornwall, how could I refuse. A good time was had by all, methinks.

If your yacht club is interested in a fascinating and visually stimulating presentation, I would love to oblige. No financial gain is sought- just reimbursement of my expenses.