Authentic Reproductions

The Paine office is eager to replicate the styling and general characteristics of the fine work of departed design geniuses such as Herreshoff, Alden and Fife. They will render the new yacht in composite, cold-molded wood, or 5000 series aluminium for greater longevity, easier maintenance and improved performance. 


Amore is a 34-foot replica of a William Fife original.  The first of these replicas was built by William Cannell boat builders of Camden, Maine, with the redesign adroitly done by David Ryder-Turner. When the owner required further refinements and improvements to the design he hired Paine Yacht Design to be responsible for the work.  We are presently working on a sistership, which is being extensively customized for its owner. More info...

Paine 25

The Paine 25 is an example of our interpretation of the finest work of Nathaniel G. Herreshoff.  He made famous the combination of heavy displacement, wineglass sections, and an unusually high ballast ratio.  The cabin with its low sides of varnished mahogany forming seatbacks adjacent the cockpit and converging towards a point says Herreshoff from a mile away. The authenticity of Pentimento extends even to her construction of carvel planked cedar over steam bent oak frames.  We would happily confer the right to build another in this method at Bullhouse Boatworks in Kennebunkport, or in WEST system wood at either French and Webb or Classic Boat Shop. More info...

Wings of Grace

WINGS of GRACE is a heavy displacement epoxy cold molded offshore voyaging ketch modeled after John Alden's finest work.  We'd like to think she is the sort of design he would have drawn given the knowledge of NACA airfoils and epoxy glue. She was built and equipped for comfortable shorthanded family sailing. Her seakindly shape, high bulwarks, and ample tankage make her a fine itinerant home for her owners. She displaces a respectable 44,600 pounds at halfload.  Her design is to a large extent aesthetically driven and the true aficionado will appreciate her elliptical transom and portholes, wood hatches and skylight, recessed wale stripe and incised gold leafed cove, and sprung teak deck.  She was exquisitely built by French & Webb of Belfast, Maine. More info...


Chuck Paine designed Annie in 1977.  She was based very closely on the 28 foot Ralph Winslow "Four-Sum", but a foot and a half longer and built of fiberglass rather than wood.  The idea was first of all to retain the many virtues of the Four-Sum.  She was heavy, supremely stable, had a long keel, some hollow to the bow, an outboard rudder which made the fitting of a self steerer that much easier, and decks with very little camber so they were easy to walk on.  The house had vertical sides making the fitting of opening ports appropriate, and even the cabin front was vertical and dead flat so you could fit another facing forward.  With a lot of stability, a large and powerful rig made sense.  Annie is a forty footer in character, disguised as a small boat.  She's all a couple would ever need to sail around the world.  As long as neither is over 6 feet tall. More info...


Sam Crocker designed many raised deck cruisers of this ilk. TANGIER was designed for a gentleman from Philadelphia who loved his venerable smaller Stonehorse cutter, but had grown tired of being unable to stand up.  This man loves the "small boat" ethic … the ability to go out for an hour's sail on a whim, or to ghost up shallow creeks beyond sight of his deeper drafted fellow man.  Since he stands 6 ft. 5 in. tall in his stocking feet, headroom was the defining factor in choosing the length and configuration of his new steed.  Indeed for those of us of more modest stature, this same yacht would serve well without the necessity for the low house aft of the mast.  This tiny yacht even has a carbon fiber mast, and her carbon spreaders faux painted to match the genuine sitka spruce boom and jibboom.  More info...


 ANASAZI is a 43 foot (on deck) adaptation of a John Alden antecedent.  She is authentic even to her multiple headsail foretriangle, antique bronze worm gear steerer and sitka spruce mast.  There is simply nothing here that would look amiss on a yacht built 50 years ago.  What differs is the greater stability, dry bilges, ease of maintenance and superior resale value that derive from a cold molded wood hull.  She was built by Damian McLaughlin on Cape Cod. More info...


The 21 foot PISCES is an adaptation of Nat Herreshoff’s “FISH” design.  In most of its particulars it is virtually identical; the length, draft, beam and displacement are cases in point.  All we have done is to alter the rig and keel profile ever so slightly in order to reduce the amount of weather helm that some claimed was a bit excessive on the original Fish. And perhaps more importantly, to draw construction plans for either cold molded wood or fiberglass so that there are no seams to leak.  The PISCES is a marvelous low maintenance daysailer with excellent performance and a truly yachty look, right down to the authentic sculpted Herreshoff gunwale strake.  She is built by Classic Boat Shop in Bass Harbor, Maine. More info...

Paine designed sailing designs range from small high-performance day boats to huge sailing palaces. Briefly they are:


Investment-grade yachts for highly committed yachtsmen.

Performance Cruisers

Yachts with full accommodations capable of extensive worldwide cruising.

Racing Yachts

Light but durable speedsters competitive in point to point racing.

Highly Specialized Custom Projects

Intriguing designs that didn’t fit the other categories.

Day Sailors

Designs with compromised headroom but stimulating performance.

Legacy Yachts

Some of the fine older designs that made the office famous.

Special Editions

Each of these is available for someone to carry forward to completion.